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Dog Adoption


Choosing to add a Yorkie to your family is a commitment of 12-14+ years. So, choosing the right puppy for you and your family is very important. This adoption questionnaire is designed to help me (the breeder) help you pick the dog that best suites you and your lifestyle. There is much more to a Yorkie than just a pretty face or the coloring/gender you prefer. I have watched them grow and interact with their mother, littermates, household pets and my family so I know their personalities well. Tell me a little about you, the family your new puppy will be living with and the qualities you are looking for in a new puppy, so I can help to place a puppy with a complementary personality and energy level to yours.
To be on our waiting list you must first complete the Adoption Questionnaire. We will contact you with more details about current and expected litters. When a litter is born you will be among the first to know. If you see a puppy, you like a non-refundable deposit can be taken to hold your puppy. The deposit will be deducted from the total sales amount. Once your puppy is reserved, we will send picture updates often.
Thank you for your interest in considering adding one of our Yorkie puppies to your family.  Our applications and deposits are processed through gooddog.

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